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Chicken D'Pomodoro - $13 Fresh chicken sautéed in marsala wine, fresh mushrooms, zesty marinara sauce and finished with a delicate amount of heavy cream all served over penne pasta

Fettucini Carbonara - $15 Garlic, heavy cream, butter, parmesean cheese, prosciutto, peas and egg, all tossed in our tasty fettuccini pasta

Sausage and Peppers - $12 Sausage, peppers and onions served with your choice of red or marsala wine sauce with a side of spaghetti with marinara sauce

Sicilian Chicken- $15 Grilled chicken sautéed with bacon, mushrooms and diced onions topped with mozzarella cheese in a creamy marsala wine sauce served over penne pasta

Shrimp Fra Diavolo - $20 Jumbo shrimp in our spicy marinara sauce, topped with melted mozzarella cheese served over linguini pasta

Primavera - $13 A bounty of seasonal fresh vegetables pan sautéed in your choice of a red cream sauce or white cream sauce and your choice of pasta

Cheese Ravioli - $11 Cheese ravioli topped with your choice of meat or marinara sauce


Chicken Parmigiana - $13 Chicken breast breaded in our Italian bread crumbs and then baked with a marinara wine sauce and mozzarella cheese. Served with spaghetti and marinara sauce

Chicken Marsala - $13 Chicken breast and sliced mushrooms sautéed in a marsala wine sauce served over spaghetti

Chicken Limón - $13 Chicken breast sautéed with white wine, fresh garlic, lemon, capers and served over spaghetti

Chicken Alfredo - $13 Fresh chicken tenders sautéed in a white cream sauce served over fettuccini